4 morning tips for a fresh start to the day

Do you know which habits will help you look fresher, more beautiful and certainly younger? Your skin needs a few little tricks that can help you become a true beauty queen. Follow these morning tips and you will notice the difference only after a few weeks.





Get moving





The morning is no time for laziness. As much as you want to nap for a few minutes, spare them for exercise. They will not only help to strengthen your muscles, but will make your blood circulate faster. Furthermore, the exercises reduce the stress hormones, which also affect the skin. The morning gymnastics (about 20-30 minutes) ensures you cheerfulness and freshness throughout the day. It will cause your cheeks to become rosy and your heart to work at a faster speed. Remember that only the first and second weeks are difficult. Be persistent. Then you will do it with pleasure.







Give your skin what it really needs – to breathe. This could happen only when you remove the dead upper layer through exfoliation. Best do this procedure in the shower. Do not forget any part of your body. Not only your face needs such refreshment. You can use a special peeling or simply the residue of your morning coffee, and why not baking soda. How often you do it depends on your skin. The normal skin must be exfoliated once a week. The too dry skin – once a month. If you are struggling with very oily skin – two – three times a week is sufficient. After the procedure, always apply a suitable cream that contains no chemicals and is mostly herbal.





Freshen up


Leave the greasy and heavy creams for the night. The daily and eye cream should have a lighter texture. Be sure to read its ingredients. You should not use ointments that are full of chemicals. Trust those that contain antioxidants such as green tea, soy, vitamins A, C and E. They will protect your skin from aging and the harmful effects of the free radicals.







Certainly you know about the need of hydration. Drink enough water to refresh your tan. When you are dehydrated, your skin looks dry and withered. Choose and creams that also moisturize well. Farewell to the sun. Even in the winter, protect your skin with a cream that has a sun protection factor at least 30. It is important that the products you buy to protect you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Do not forget the lips. Many women forget to daub their lips with a suitable product, but this part of the face is quite sensitive. The statistics show that skin cancer often starts exactly right there. Therefore, when you go out do not forget to protect your lips. They should not be dried out