7 Ways You Didn’t Know You Were Harming Your Hair!


 did you know that you might be the reason your hair is dull? Chances are, you’ve been ruining your hair without knowing it… Here’s how​


Too much or too little of everything can be harmful. Washing your hair more than three times a week rids your hair of important natural oils that give your hair the shine it needs.Not washing your hair enough, however, also damages your hair if you give in to the dry shampoo trend.Although, dry shampoos are the newest trend product buildup from dry shampoos, will attract dirt and weigh down your hair, leaving it dull and weak.

2-brushing your hair right after the shower 

Now this is one I think we are all guilty of. Wet hair is more prone to tangling, thus it is advised to brush your hair before taking your shower, or untangling strands with your fingers while leaving conditioner in for a few minutes. Your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet; brushing it after shower will do more harm than good!

3-blow drying your hair when it’s still soaking 

Blow drying your hair the right way shouldn’t harm your hair… It was invented for a purpose. Blowing out your hair when it’s till dripping wet, however, is a big mistake. By blasting heat on soaking wet hair, all you are actually doing is boiling your hair rather than drying it. You might want to let it dry out a bit naturally, before starting to force the heat and fierce wind on it and finish off with cold air to keep the shine.

4- Using the Wrong Brush 

Damaged hair should be brushed very carefully. But since you’re not an expert on the subject, chances are you’re using the wrong brush. Vent brushes are optimal in this case. Their rubber-tipped bristles glide through the hair, and since they have open backs, they allow air and moisture to pass through for a quicker blow-dry.


I understand that frizz-free silky hair is not natural for a lot of people and ironing your hair is a quick and effective solution. Too much ironing, however, will burn your hair, and leave unrecoverable damage – well at least until your hair grows out. First thing you should do before ironing your hair is to, use a heat-protecting styler. Second, you should avoid being aggressive. Tugging and pulling your hair will do more harm to your hair than good,especially if you have thin hair


 Most coloring hair dyes have ingredients such as formaldehyde that when overused can seriously ruin your hair. Bleaching your hair or coloring it excessively, will leave it brittle, dry, and broken! You should let your hair breathe from time to time in order for it to recover from all the chemicals. It is advised to let it rest for 6 weeks in between dyes.

7- Overusing Hair Extensions

Many times waiting for your hair to grow out is torture and extensions are a quick fix. Whether for a wedding or some event, extensions help you get that long, luscious hair you crave. But just as all things, overusing extensions or weaves has negative ramifications on your hair because the yank and pull at the root of your hair. Overuse can result in bald patches.