Audi is Making its own Tesla

Audi’s ramping up its electric car plans and hopes to have three models by 2020. It’ll also form a new subsidiary to work on autonomous cars.

The company’s chief executive Rupert Stadler told Reuters that Audi’s renewed push for electric cars is a direct result of the emissions scandal that embroiled its parent company Volkswagen.

Stadler wasn’t spilling the beans on the new cars, but did say there would be a subcompact among them. To make room for the new vehicles, some older models would likely be dropped. We’re looking at you, two-door A3.

Another premium manufacturer focusing more heavily on electric and autonomous cars will likely take some of the spotlight off Tesla’s autonomous vehicle ambitions.

This is about a robot car that may not even need a steering wheel or pedals, so it’s ideal for urban traffic – Stadler said.

Audi’s also got tentative plans for fuel cell cars too, but doesn’t think there will be enough charging stations to make the technology viable until at least 2020.