This Donald Trump Twitter bot is running for president

This New President, Crude, nonsensical, and nonhuman, his name is DeepDrumpf. He’s a Donald Trump Twitter bot programmed to mimic the real Trump.

MIT researcher Bradley Hayes created DeepDrumpf in March as both a coding experiment and joke, though it has taken on a life of its own. DeepDrumpf uses an artificial intelligence algorithm based on hours of the candidate’s debate speech transcripts.

Every few hours, the bot tweets gems like “I’m what ISIS doesn’t need” and “I was screaming jobs and extremists, not policy.” The more it tweets, the smarter it gets, because Hayes also incorporated deep learning into its algorithm, meaning it continually learns from itself.

The next phase of the project, which recently went live, is a fundraising site masquerading as DeepDrumpf’s presidential campaign. Near the top, the site reads “Make S.T.E.M. Great Again” and points towards a GoFundMe page. The real goal is actually to crowdfund money for GirlsWhoCode, a nonprofit devoted to closing the gender gap in STEM fields (Only 18% of computer science graduates are women). So far, the GoFundMe has crowdfunded about $700.

The fundraising campaign launched a few days after audio of Trump making lewd comments about women in 2005 leaked.

Hopefully, DeepDrumpf will raise a lot of money for an organization that empowers the next generation of women in an industry that traditionally leaves them out.