How Much Google Really Knows About You

How Much Google Really Knows About You? It’s hardly a secret that Google tracks pretty much everything you do online, and it does this for a few reasons — mainly to keep the lights on. Google makes money from ads, and the more data it has on users the better it can target advertising. But the vast amount of data it collects is also used to improve its various services, especially the ones with smart features made possible by artificial intelligence advancements.

Either way, Google gives you plenty of options for keeping track of the data it collects, and you can also limit data collection if you choose. In fact, the company just rolled out a new site that shows you exactly what it knows about you.

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The new My Activity website will show you the massive amount of personal data Google collects every day.


The site lets you see your activity across all of Google’s products including search, Android, Chrome, Google Maps and many others. You can review your history and even delete the data you don’t want Google to store.

A filter feature lets you search for activity related to a specific type of Google product, which could come in handy if you want to track down a certain video you watched on YouTube but can’t find anymore, or your Google Maps history.

The site has a clean card-based interface and is accessible from mobile devices and desktops alike. As expected, you need to be signed into the Google account you want to inspect to see your history, or to make any kind of change.

Check out Google’s new My Activity site at this link.