How to Code Your Own OS That’s Actually Your CV

Writing a perfect resume is a tricky job. That’s why we keep coming across new templates and formats that “guarantee” success. Earlier this year in April, we came across a resume for Elon Musk created by Novoresume that showed that a single-page resume is enough.
Trying to solve his problem, probably, a developer named Mathieu Passenaud decided to adopt a unique approach. He wrote a complete operating system that only shows his resume.

When I came across his blog, I was eager to see how it actually worked. So, I downloaded the ISO file (just 8.3MB) and booted it in a virtual machine. On his blog, Mathieu describes himself as a REST API lover who likes playing with IoT, Arduino, Golang, Java, and Bash. To create his “resume”, he used a project that he built for fun during his student days.

On his GitHub page, he calls it a basic operating system with a PS2 keyboard reader and a video controller for displaying text.
To build the binary file and keep things simple, Mathieu used only 3 software–NASM for compiling assembly code, GCC, and ld to link. He only implemented the basic functionalities of an actual operating system, including pagination, text console, multithreading, interruption, and exceptions.

You can visit Mathieu’s blog to know how he created the resume. He has also shared its source code on GitHub. You can download the ISO file and take a look yourself.