Lego figure in Real-Life

Now I’m no economist, nor do I have a business degree from a fancy college, but I assume a basic formula to be true. Lego + a popular intellectual property = cute meta-brand that makes yachts full of easy money.

Lego Star Wars. Lego Batman. Lego Harry Potter. The evidence is plentiful. An empire is built atop Lego-ized humans. But what of humanized Lego? Perhaps lifelike Lego is an untapped revenue stream?

No. No it is not.

The lifelike Lego minifig, a collaboration between tested and special effects makeup artist Frank Ippolito, who is responsible for this uncanny Zoidberg mask, is chilling. The vacant marble eyes don’t even bother me so much. It’s the hands that get me, particularly the fingernails. They look like they would peel the lid off a beer can.