Run Windows 98 And Linux In Your Web Browser, Thanks To JavaScript And NodeJS

Short: A coder, known as Fabian on GitHub, has created x86 architecture based emulations that allow you to run Windows 98, Linux, KolibriOS etc. inside your browser. Read more about the same and find the links below to try it out.

With time, JavaScript engines have grown to become faster and more powerful than ever. Demonstrating the same, a coder has created an online program that emulates x86-compatible CPU and hardware. Using the same, you can run Windows 98 right now in your browser.The coder writes on his project’s page on GitHub that he decided to work on this as a fun project and learn more about x86 architecture. With some more work, he got Linux and KolibriOS working to make this more usable. Running on top of an x86-emulator in JavaScript, the OS is fast enough to open the programs in your browser.

Apart from a smooth performance of Windows 98 — yes, you are allowed to play a quick game of Minesweeper — Linux works pretty well. Talking about KolibriOS, this graphical OS runs well and takes about 60 seconds to boot. Windows 1.01, FreeDOS, Arch Linux, and Solar OS are also on the menu.

Before you go ahead and run the emulations via following links, here’s a note: Don’t forget to lock the mouse using the lock mouse button at the top.

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