Video: Tesla Model S races a horse

In something seemingly lifted out of a FOX reality show circa 2003, a video which surfaced over the weekend showcases a Tesla Model S going head to head with a Polo Pony, or in other words, a horse specifically bred to be agile, quick, and fast.

So is there actually something of a race here?


But it’s still a whole lot of fun to watch, especially because the race was structured like a relay, as you’ll see in the video.

As for the matchup, horses typically run anywhere from 25-30 MPH, and some thoroughbreds have even been known to push the pace and clock times as fast as 40-45 MPH. But come on, we’re talking about a horse versus a car — a Tesla, no less! — so the race plays out exactly as you might expect. Still, there’s something quirky and bizarrely entertaining about someone a) thinking this idea up in the first place and b) actually taking steps to turn the idea into a reality.

You can check out the race below.

What a time to be alive!