This year’s Nexus phones could be the most powerful handsets of the year

A new report last week stated that HTC is working on two new Nexus smartphones that will be released this year. It’s OK if you missed it — the report hit while most of the tech world was checking out Apple’s new software goodies. The rumor echoed earlier reports that claimed HTC might make two Nexus devices in 2016, and the new report said that both of these Nexus phones will sport slightly improved processors.

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Early last week Focus Taiwan picked up a report from India Today that said HTC secured orders from Google to make two smartphones, coded Marlin and Sailfish.

India Today speculated that Marlin and Sailfish could be based on the HTC 10 if the rumors it heard are accurate. However, both devices could be powered by the Snapdragon 821 processor instead of the Snapdragon 820 that’s inside the HTC 10 and many other flagships from the competition, including the Galaxy S7, the LG G5 and the OnePlus 3.

The report said that the 2016 Nexus phones would be faster than competing Android flagship devices, adding that the Galaxy Note 7 and the Asus ZenFone 3 Deluxe could also make use of the same processor.

Google is expected to release the final build of Android N at some point this summer, at which point new Nexus hardware should also be launched.