Spherical Projection Display – The Future Is Here

What is this?

A device that views 360 degrees multimedia and games on a sphere surface. the sphere contains a fisheye lens, a pico projector, a gyroscope and a mini computer .
you can use your mobile phone to connect to sphere and view 360 degrees media or ready Virtual Reality videos and games. or to play games without the need of a computer with support of gyroscope for different games. its Stand-Alone, handheld, rechargeable and Anti-Shatter


Wait for the pdf file to load below..

 [pdf-embedder url=”https://mixance.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/sphere2_1.pdf”]

Can it really change the world?

Well, you should have the answer :p

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I’m also working on filling a patent you can check the files Here and Here.