People reveal the 21 most life-changing purchases they’ve ever made

In an Ask Reddit thread, Redditors were asked, “What is the best purchase you have ever made?” Over 13,000 people responded to share their favorite buys, from a luxury mattress to an HD projector.

Keep reading to see some of their best responses.


Bluetooth earphones

“[These] Bluetooth Earphones. I’ll never go back to messing with wires!” – mr_jp

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“Tools. I have an arsenal of tools, but basic hand tools will last a lifetime and have saved me as much money as they’ve made me.” – vigpounder




“My wife bought me a Kindle for Christmas one year, and I thanked her politely, while thinking ‘Man, she doesn’t know me at ALL. Why would ANYONE want to read books digitally?’

“But she had loaded a couple of books on it, and I thought I should be polite and read one.

“I have never looked back. Best purchase ever. I can carry several books around without the weight. If I hear about an interesting book, I can pull out my Kindle and be reading that book 30 seconds later via Amazon.” – TheAbyssGazesAlso

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TSA Precheck

TSA Precheck

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“TSA PreCheck. I’m like royalty now.” – princeboot

Learn more about the TSA Precheck program here.

Running shoes

Running shoes


“[I went] to this shoe store that helps you pick out the best shoe for you feet, knees, length etc. It’s really expensive, but it was so f—ing worth it.

“Haven’t had any troubles with my knees since they helped me get a perfect fitted pair.” –Yung__Lean

Electric kettle

“1,750-watt electric kettle. Instant boiling hot water for coffee and cooking.” –wastingtoomuchthyme

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High-quality mattress

“No more waking up in the middle of the night because my wife adjusts. She no longer wakes up when I go to bed late, or shake the bed with held in laughter. No more back pain because my springy mattress dips and doesn’t support my back. A comfortable sleep, but most importantly a continuous sleep through the night.

“I feel more refreshed after 6 or 7 hours of sleep on this [new, better] mattress then I did with 8 to 10 hours on my old one.” – TheDanMonster

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“A good computer. It’s amazing to just be able to run all the games/programs I’m interested in without issues.” – Ambler3isme

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USB splitter

“My USB splitter. I’ve never had so much freedom in my life. I am no longer limited to two ports. I can now use all my USB devices at once, it’s a dream come true.” – dirtmens1

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Rice cooker

“My rice cooker. I just bought it and I’ve been using it every day. I always screw up my rice, but with this, it makes it come out perfectly. Plus, I’m able to cook vegetables with it, which adds more to my rice dishes.” – IpodHero178

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Tailored clothes

“Tailored shirts and suit. Up until I put them on, I’d never known what clothes that fit feellike. Yes, it’s more expensive than off-the-rack, but not much more, and the difference is worth every penny.” – handshape

Thermapen instant read thermometer

“[My] thermapen instant read thermometer. If you like to cook, this is great. Zero second guessing if something is at the right temp.” – bigBastardDude

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Lasik surgery

“Lasik surgery. Would recommend 20/20.” – xRaw-HD

USB coffee/tea warmer

“I spent $6 on a USB coffee/tea warmer because I found I always wasted half my cups of tea and coffee by letting it sit too long and get cold. Best $6 I ever spent.”- partyc4t

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“Netflix. I’ll never go back to cable again.” – SpawnOfSpawn

Rechargeable batteries

“I bought a kit of four rechargeable AA batteries with charger that plugs into the wall for like $15. I bought that back in days of CD walkmen and Gameboys. I still use it today. Think about how many AA batteries I haven’t bought since then.” – picard_for_president

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“My dog, Snoopy, who I bought from my neighbor for $20 when they were about to give him up to a shelter. He brought me almost 17 years of happiness and friendship.” – -eDgAR-

“Pets in general, but for me dogs in particular are just amazing. You shell out a few hundred and feed this animal, and in return if gives you unwavering loyalty and undying love.” –Hurricane_Surge

“My kitten. I had been wanting one since I was a little kid, and now I’ve finally got my floofy baby. He was my coping method after a miscarriage, and he really really helped me.” –RogueOfHeart33

HD projector

“Expensive one: I recently bought an HD projector and it is incredible. Makes a huge difference to films and games.” – WorldOfPayne

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French press for coffee

“A French press for coffee.” – alackofcol0r

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“I’ve gotten more pleasure and use out of my smartphone than any other gadget I’ve ever purchased. I use it for books, comics, internet, social media, news, research, camera and video, light photo editing, as a flashlight, and for games.” – NeverBob

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A home

A home

REUTERS/Steve Dipaola/Files

“My home. Bought [it] right before the market bounced back in a up and coming neighborhood in Chicago. In two years, the value doubled.” – toby224

“[I bought] cheap land outside the growing city. Spent about $180,000, [and it’s] now worth over $1 million. – NonTransferable