Run iOS apps on your PC

While there are no flawless ways to run iPhone apps and iPad apps on your Windows or OS X PC, the best way would be to use a simulator to use your favourite iOS apps on your laptop or PC. The best way to do is use iPadian: a free Adobe AIR-based iPad simulator that lets you run more iPhone and iPad apps in an iPad-like interface on your own desktop.

However, there are some important flipsides: you can’t access the Apple App store, so you are limited to iPadian’s own custom app store.

With iPadian’s own store there are quite a lot of apps, but it’s still quite restricted. For example, select the Games category, and you will find lesser than 10 apps on offer.

Most PCs and laptops running any simulator of this type are likely to be affected due to interface issues. Since the iPad is designed for touch, using anything alike on a desktop, with just a mouse and keyboard, is never going to be perfect. By clicking on buttons, you can still find your way around but it all feels a little awkward, and the program doesn’t let you to use the mouse to simulate swipes (even though spinning the mouse wheel will scroll infrequently).

While that may be a bad thing, here’s what is good about it. iPadian offers a complete iPad-like environment: a web browser, email client, social networking apps, music, videos, photos and more, with lots of free apps to discover.

And, there are no problems with installation, as it is portable (as long as your system is already equipped with Adobe AIR, anyway). iPadian works with Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X and Linux.

How to run iOS apps on PC

Firstly, download iPadian here. Unzip the download file, run iPadian.exe. Some security software incorrectly beeps iPadian as malware. However, you need not worry, if you have downloaded from a reputable source such as PC Advisor Downloads. Simply click through to download.

You may need to install Windows.NET Framework during the installation process. Download it, if you are prompted to do so. You will also be asked to update to the latest version of Adobe Flash. For security reasons, this is significant.

iPadian will open up at the end of the install. You will be directed to a desktop that is a cross between Windows and iOS. Key apps such as Facebook and YouTube are already installed. To install more apps, go to the ‘App Store.’

Open up and use apps as you would on your iPad or iPhone.

Simply click the Windows symbol in the bottom right-hand corner when you want to return to Windows. That’s it.

If you know any better way of using iPad apps on PC or laptop, let us know in the comments section below.