Snake Gets Trapped In An Endless Loop Of Its Own Skin After Shedding

You know those ancient “ouroboros” symbols of the serpent eating its own tail? This is kind of like that, but a lot less majestic.

The video comes from the Alice Springs Reptile Centre in Alice Springs, Australia. Visitors at the center pointed out that “Stimmy” the Stimson’s python was in the process of shedding but seemed to have gotten stuck in an endless loop of its own dead skin.

The reptile experts at the center aren’t sure how it managed to get itself in this mess but said that he wasslithering around and around this loop for three hours. Stimmy managed to get out eventually and left behind a perfectly looped shed skin, with just a small hole it used as an escape tunnel.

In a Facebook post, the Alice Springs Reptile Centre said: “It actually looks like a steering wheel. Have been in the reptile business a long time and have never seen anything quite like it. Have seen similar but nothing as perfect as this.”