Video: 200W homemade laser bazooka

This YouTuber goes by the name of styropyro, and after scrolling through the videos on his channel, it won’t take you long to figure out why. This guy is absolutely obsessed with lasers, basing a vast majority of his inventions around them, including a laser tornado lamp, a drone with a laser and even a laser sword.


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And although each and every one of those are equally amazing, this laser bazooka might take the cake. He even refers to it as his “most terrifying device yet.” In case you aren’t sure how much 200W is, a standard laser pointer comes in at 0.005W. At that wattage, the laser pointer shouldn’t do any lasting damage if it flashes across someone’s eyes momentarily.

200W is 400x higher than the HIGHEST DANGER RATING imposed by the FDA. This baby could blind you in an instant. Now that’s you’re sufficiently terrified, let’s see how this laser-crazed madman handles it: