Carrying a Gun-Like Case Can Get You Detained By Police

man was detained by police officers at the London Stansted Airport for carrying his iPhone inside a case that looked like a firearm. While a gun-like case is a great item that you can show-off, it is not particularly a smart thing to use a case like that in current times with terrorist attacks and gun killings becoming a commonplace.

man in question could have placed his and the life of his nearby in danger by using a case that imitates a gun. Thankfully, while no such thing occurred, the man can be charged for carrying an imitation firearm in public.

This is not the first time that an incident like this has occurred though. Last year, in Canada, the police responded with tasers and rifles in response against a man carrying his iPhone inside a gun-like case.

Amazon and other popular retailers have stopped selling cases for the iPhone and any other smartphone that looks like a gun or any other firearm since last year itself.

If you are using such a case for your iPhone, you should stop using one immediately. By using it, you are putting yourself at a grave risk.