Someone faces off with alligator to retrieve his iPhone

When 24-year-old Anthony Larrimore dropped his iPhone while snapping pictures of an alligator in Fort Myers — only for the ‘gator to take a shine to the smartphone.

The only problem? The iPhone had pictures of Larrimore’s 10-month-old son on it.

According to Larrimore’s partner Laciey D’Agostino, the problem began when they decided to try and livestream the experience over Facebook — only to accidentally drop the iPhone off the boardwalk and into the water. They tried using a stick to push it onto dry land, but the alligator followed the iPhone.

With a crowd forming to watch what was happening, the alligator put its snout over the iPhone, then made a “crazy, hissing-slash-grunting sound.” Finally the alligator backed off and Larrimore was able to reach down and retrieve his iPhone — only to find out it no longer switches on.

“Go figure,” he says.