you’ll love the iPhone 7’s dual-lens camera

Despite a bevy of leaks there are a ton of questions surrounding the upcoming iPhone 7, the biggest of which is whether or not it will come with an exciting dual-lens camera.

One week it’s coming. The next it isn’t.

Maybe you’re thinking, why would you even want one anyway? Well in today’s video, we’ll show you why a dual-lens camera would be an amazing upgrade for any iPhone along with some sexy, 3D concepts.

Check it out:



Of course, the iPhone 7 wouldn’t be the first phone with dual cameras. We saw this back in 2014 with HTC’s One M8. In the past two years even more companies have jumped on the dual-camera bandwagon bringing everything from gimmicky effects to surprising improvements.

If Apple does decide to feature a dual-lens camera in the iPhone 7, there’s a good chance it will use array camera technology that Apple acquired when purchasing LinX Imaging. The setup would include multi-aperture cameras to improve overall image quality and better low-light performance which has been a weakness of the iPhone camera since 2007.

Any improvements to the sensor quality in the iPhone 7 will be a huge draw for upgraders, as Apple didn’t exactly blow people away with the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE cameras other. Live Photos are neat but we’re ready for something far more juicier to take iPhone photos to the next level.